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Heights of Fun

Fun Climb is a Fantastic venue and first of its kind in Leicester for children and adults to enjoy the thrill and experience of a new way of climbing by reaching new heights of fun.

The unique concept of Fun Climb blends the fun of climbing with learning activities by challenging the climber to the varying levels of interactive climbing.

Fun Climb features 30 individually themed climbing walls, each with a different style and ranging in difficulty and skills.

Another special feature of Fun Climb is our auto-belay system. The climber does not require the expert knowledge of climbing or belaying techniques. This hydraulic system means that climbers can take control of their descent, returning to the ground without relying on another person.

Fun Climb is suitable for climber aged 5 and above.


We are open Saturday & Sunday, School and Bank Holidays only from 10am – 6pm
First session starts at 11am & last session starts at 5pm


Fun Climb
Go Crazy Play

Warrior Obstacle Course

8 different challenging elements includes Stepping stones, Tic Tac Ninja run, Tight Rope Challenge, Angles Cargo Climber, Double Rope Swing, Hanging Cargo door with a cargo climb wall on crash mats, double rope and buoy challenge, angled balance beam.